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Welcome to Legacy!!
Asmodean Legion on Israphel
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Legion Message
March 3rd 2011

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Legacy web page! As those who where here before now know i have been given lead of legacy as Lunar as left, though she may come back. I am working to change legacy into a Beginners/RP legion, and i hope all are ok with that. to every new member, i Welcome you to our legion, and i pray that you will enjoy your stay!

        Before we get to the work stuff i would like to tell every one a bit about myself, i am 17 and am a writer, i am known to randomly make armor for our lower than 20 members, but i do not do it on demand, if you wish to have it immediately, the mats must be sent with a request for said item. The same goes for things above level 20, i will not make it as a freebie, i ask for the mats and such, and a small contribution of kinah for the more expensive things, like Expert items or green turning blue items. I am a very sporadic person, and i do disappear for a few days, not that a mean too mind you, but doing things day after day can get boring, i'm only human here. My toons include, Eklipse, Seraphin, Lucefer, Abduxuel, Azurenith, Seralin, and Jonanthra along with my elyos Ellacardra. I am an avid RPer but i will not force people to RP for anything. I hope you all enjoy our legion, and have fun wile you stay!
       We do not force people to stay here, they may leave at any time if they wish, though a request a letter telling me why, so i may try and fix any problems. You are not made to do one or the other, we casually RP, but if there is trouble about the RPers in the legion, the offender(s) shall be removed. I hope to have no trouble with the legion, and ask for cooperation. 

        To all who want to help us become larger, i say feel free, but i do not want you to force anyone. I truly wish to meet the new arrivals before asking them to join, though i may not always. There are many alts, at the moment, in the legion from the founding members, they shall be removed in time, but until then they shall stay.  This site will also be for our elyos legion, the Caretakers, another beginner/RP legion.
Sephiroth is drawing things for usss!

Determining our path....

lunar frost, Nov 4, 09 9:44 AM.
Forums are up, or at least a few are.  We need to decide the direction we want to move in and the steps we have to take to make it happen. :)
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